Media Planning Agency Brisbane -

Media Planning Agency Brisbane

What is Media Planning?

Media Planning is the process of delivering the most influential message to the most appropriate audiences via the most effective media channels at times and in settings chosen to maximise each campaign’s return on investment.

A media planner has the experience, the data and the creativity to ensure an advertiser, whether small or large, makes the most effective use of their advertising budget.

Good media planners will ensure that campaigns integrate the analytical tools to measure how effectively each channel performed in achieving its objective.

Who hires Media Planners?

Unfortunately, many small business owners believe media planners only work for big companies with even bigger advertising budgets but the truth is that there is a smaller margin for error when advertising with a smaller budget. Also smaller companies are unlikely to have even a single staff member with marketing experience whereas large corporations will have entire teams and perhaps departments of marketing experts.

Why Choose ZigZag as your Media Planner?

Dating back to the late 80s in his career before founding ZigZag, Vince has held senior executive-level positions with Australia’s largest media companies.
Since founding ZigZag Vince has hired both seasoned experts and enthusiastic beginners while fostering a culture that supports and rewards staff for ongoing learning and skills development.
The media plan ZigZag prepares for you will neither be shrouded in mystery nor so full of jargon and technical terms that it means next to nothing to you.
Your media plan will reflect your industry expertise matched to our marketing experience and supported by historical data and, from the moment your campaign starts, real-time performance data that will be used to fine-tune and constantly improve campaign performance.

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